We forge custom Kydex gear for Law Abiding Citizens to carry their Pew Pew tool as often as possible.

LEO Owned, Family Operated, Here to Help EVERY Level Shooter

Our Mission

I added this page to let you all know exactly what motivated me to get into the holster making business and to give you a little insight on the standard I look for in our holster designs. I wanted to also show you that 15.13 Holsters has a vested interest in getting quality gear to you, and will do what we can to help you find what you need.  If you cannot find what you need here, we’re more than happy to guide you to where you need to go.

On August 3, 2014, my Border Patrol Family lost a great Agent and friend, Javier Vega Jr. He entered on duty a short time after I did in late 2007, early 2008 at the Kingsville, Texas Border Patrol Station. We went through a lot of our field training together and helped each other out as much as we could. His prior military experience and work ethic became a great resource and example for us to follow as trainees during that time in our career. I learned so much from him and considered him not only a friend, but a brother. Although I do not know the exact particulars of what happened the day he passed away, I do know that he was off-duty and out with his family. Two men approached Javier and his family during a hunting and fishing outing with the intent of robbing them. The encounter ended with Javier being fatally shot while trying to protect his family.  To Javier, the love he had for his family and their safety was the most important part of his life.  His act of love is what inspired me the most.

What does this have to do with 15.13?  When I was considering opening up a small business, I asked myself what it was that I wanted to provide people with.  Javier Vega was the first person I thought of.  At that point I decided I wanted to provide agents, law enforcement officers, civilians and good people, with gear that would help them protect themselves and their loved ones while they were out and about in this increasingly dangerous world.

As a firearms instructor, I realized that I never really had a good off duty holster for any of my pistols.  I rarely wanted to carry off duty because it was usually uncomfortable to have one on. Every time I would search for a holster to purchase, I either had to pay an arm and a leg for one or I couldn’t find a holster that fit me or my pistols well. After Javier passed away, I made it a point to carry my firearm all the time, especially when I was out with my family.  Since I couldn’t find anything I liked, I decided to research and make my own holsters and carriers for my gear.

Our goal is this: To provide as many law abiding citizens as possible with a comfortable and affordable holster option for their firearm. We want you to always be able to carry comfortably and confidently, knowing that our gear will not fail you when you need it. God forbid you ever have to use your gun to protect yourself or your family.  We want you to always have the tools available to you, if the situation was to ever present itself.

Stay safe, Always Carry, and God Bless! “Don’t leave your cave without your club”




Meet the Bender

Nayo Ramos
Owner/Operator AF (in his eyes only)

I entered on duty with the United States Border Patrol in 2007 and stationed in South Texas. It is with BP that I certified as a Firearms Instructor in 2010. I’ve been trained and certified in several Use of Force courses and have taught at the Border Patrol academy for several iterations. Border Patrol has given me the opportunity to travel all over the US and meet all sorts of instructors and gun nuts. I have an extensive network of great people who are always helping me with research when it comes to training and teaching conceal and open carry concepts.

Officially, 15.13 Holsters started up in early 2016, but I had been bending and thermoforging (fancy words for making holsters) since late 2014. Aside from my regular job as a Border Patrol Agent, Firearms Instructor and Kydex Bender, I also participate regularly in USPSA shooting matches. I do not own as many guns as I’d like, but my library is always growing.  I can’t say I’ve been raised around firearms and hunting my whole life, but since I joined the Law Enforcement community, firearms training and Use of Force instruction has been my passion.

More importantly and at the top of my priority list: I’m a proud father of 3 beautiful girls and a husband to an amazing, patient, loving and beautiful wife.  Without them backing me up and motivating me, this project would not be possible.  My family and I are pro guns, pro 2nd amendment, pro America, pro LEGAL immigration (obviously), pro Family and pro God.

-Z (Nayo Ramos)