Smuggler (IWB) Holster


Inside the Waistband (IWB) Kydex Holsters

low profile, minimal bulk, durable, generally used as appendix carry (AIWB)

***Either cant is 10 degrees (forward or rear) and is adjustable to the neutral (vertical) position

+$5.00 for Custom Graphic/Design Print

+$5.00 for Light Bearing Option (Light Bearing not available for Custom Graphics, only solid colors and Camo prints)

Click here for available color options

***The size and shape of holster may distort and/or cut off some parts of graphics

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The Smuggler is our Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster.  It is made to be worn most comfortably at the appendix position (see pictures) but can be worn in several different positions of the waistband.  It does have adjustable retention screws so you can make the retention tighter or more loose.

It also comes with a variable cant for the Fold Over Mold Injected (FOMI) belt clip.  This allows you to adjust the clip to be at a neutral (vertical) position or cant it forward or back depending on your choice.  The forward cant allows the gun’s grip to point up, making it easier to conceal and to also allow you to position the gun at your 3, 4,or 5 o’clock position. The rear cant is more for you to carry at the appendix position more comfortably if you have a bigger gun or you’re hauling around that “extra tactical layer”. The only FOMI clip size we have available currently is 1 1/2′.

Gun Make/Model

1911 Basic Frame 4", 1911 Basic Frame 5", Beretta 92 FS, FNS 9 Compact, Glock 17/22, Glock 19/23, Glock 26/27, Glock 29/30, Glock 34/35 Gen 3, Glock42, Glock 43, H&K P30SK, H&K P2000, H&K P2000SK, H&K USP 9/40 Compact, H&K VP9, H&K VP40, Sig 229 w/ Rail, Sig P320 Compact, Sig P320 Full, Sig P938, S&W Body Guard 380 w/Laser, S&W Body Guard .38 Revolver w/Laser, S&W M&P 9/40 4.25", S&W M&P Pro 9/40 5 in", S&W Shield 9/40, S&W Shield 45, Springfield Armory XD-9 Mod 2 3.0, Spingfield Armory XD 4", Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3", Springfield Armory XD-S 4", Walther P22


Right, Left

Solid or Premium Color?

Solid, Premium Color +5

Solid Color Options

*Not Choosing a Solid Color, Black, Blood Red, Coyote Brown, E.M.T. Red, Flat Dark Earth, Grey (Dark), Grey (Storm), Grey (Light), OD Green, Pink (Neon), Police Blue, Purple, Safety Orange, Tiffany Blue, Zombie Green

Premium Color Options

*Not Choosing a Premium Color, Forest Digital, Hex Cam Wasteland 7, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Mandrake, Kryptek Neptune, Kryptek Nomad, Kryptek Raid, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Yeti, Multi-Cam, Texas Flag Rustic, Thin Blue Line, Urban Digital, US Flag/Gadsden, US Flag/ Blue Line *** SOLD OUT, US Flag/Green Line

Cant Position

No Cant, Forward Cant, Rear Cant

Weapon Mounted Light?

No light, Add Weapon Mounted Light +5

Weapon Mounted Light Make/Model

No Light, Streamlight TLR-1, Streamlight TLR-2, Inforce APL, Surefire X300 Ultra, TLR-6 (for Glock 43 and S&W Shield 9/40 only)


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