Let me count the ways....

You’re probably thinking that I’m going to state a case for you to buy kydex since we sell kydex holsters, and for the most part you are correct. But without being too biased, I will try to point out a few things that will hopefully inform you a bit more if you are in the market for a new holster. Some of this may be a bit subjective but bear with me and make your own decisions after you do your own homework and not because we said so. With that being said….

  • 1. Kydex is life-proof ( for the most part): Whether you live near the water, in a desert environment, somewhere that snows a lot, a place with high humidity, a kydex holster will withstand most elements without losing it’s integrity in doing what its made to do, carry your gun securely. Many gun enthusiasts will argue that leather is better, but when it comes to the elements, kydex wins in our opinion. The biggest difference when it comes to being weather proof, is that kydex will not retain moisture. Whether it’s rain, or sweat from a hot day, kydex will not absorb or attract moisture the way leather would. This will prevent your pistol from staying wet for too long, if it does get exposed to some of the wet stuff. Water+pistol= rust.. No good
  • 2. Kydex is durable and will keep its retention longer: Unlike other material like nylon, leather, cloth, or neoprene; kydex will not lose it’s shape or collapse after using it for so long. The biggest issue we have with other material made holsters is that when you have to re-holster your weapon, over time, it will get harder to do this with one hand if you can even do it at all. Kydex will keep it’s shape and also offer a decent amount of retention that other holsters do not have. During training or real life situations, you can fight, fall, lean on, run, jump or whatever the case may be, without worrying about your gun falling out of it’s holster.
  • 3. Kydex is easy to clean and maintain: If you get your holster dirty with whatever, it is very easy to clean. Other material holsters accumulate dirt, mud, grease and other elements inside and becomes very difficult to clean. If dirt, sand, or any other small particle element stays inside your holster it will scratch the finish of your gun. With kydex, you can clean it with soap and water or any other cleaning product and your holster will be good as new.
  • 4. Kydex is lighter than material like leather and usually easier to conceal: When you have to carry your gun inside or outside the waistband for an extended amount of time, ounces become very uncomfortable. Kydex is lighter than leather and usually thinner than most other materials used for holsters. This should make it more concealable and comfortable for you to carry. Comfort is the biggest reason people love or hate their holsters.
  • 5. Kydex is made to be efficient when it comes to your draw: Kydex is made with durable exterior material, but also with a smooth interior. This makes your draw fast and efficient. The only hang up you’ll have is if the retention is too high, but most companies allow you to adjust that easily. That smooth material will not lose it’s integrity since again, kydex keeps its form for a long time.
  • 6. Kydex is cool: Not only because Operators and popular instructors from all over the world use it, kydex nowadays comes in so many different styles, colors and prints.  You can shop from so many places that customize their holsters to the way you’d like when it comes to style.  We provide some of that customization with plenty more to come.
Those are a few basic reasons we prefer kydex over other materials. Again, don’t buy our holsters because we say so. Buy them because you’ve done your homework and like the way we make them.